A trio of inspired ideas for your blinds

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a strong possibility that you’re on the lookout for window blinds. It’s also highly likely that you’ll know by now that there are a huge range of cheap window blinds available on the market, from venetian blinds to roller blinds, honeycell blinds, panel blinds, holland blinds, roman blinds and more. There are also a number of more unusual products, as well as interesting ways to style them that you may not yet have considered. Here are three of our top picks.

Custom printed blinds

Coloured cheap window blindsIf you want to personalise a child’s bedroom with one of their favourite drawings, or open up a small bathroom with a beautiful seascape photograph, adding some excitement to your cheap window blind by custom printing it is a great way to add verve, style and undeniable uniqueness to any space. There are a number of specialised businesses operating in the Australian market that can turn the blank canvas of your plain roller blind into a distinctive artwork for a relatively low cost.

Coloured or sheer vertical blinds

coloured cheap window blindsReinvention has the power to change something workaday into something wonderful and this is definitely the case with vertical blinds. If your mission is to find cheap window blinds then look no further than this elegant, simple and cost-effective product, which has had a makeover in recent times. Previously reserved for office space and functional areas of the home, vertical blinds are now available in a wide array of fashionable colours to suit any décor scheme. They are also available in directional print patterns as well as sheer versions, a great way to channel the trend for sheers that is very much in vogue at the moment.

Luxe layering

luxe layering cheap window blindsLayering two kinds of window treatment such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, or roman blinds, with sheer or patterned curtains provides visual interest as well as the functional benefits of light control and privacy.  Sheer curtains throughout a room make the rest of your décor scheme a focus and if you are privileged enough to have great view they are a great asset.

The ability to contrast and complement patterns and textures is another benefit of layering. Rich timber venetian blinds can look great with the lightness of sheers or printeddrapes in a co-ordinating palette. Meanwhile the pairing of patterned, heavier drapes over say a sheer roller blind has a comparable effect in reverse.

White on white is another trend that’s emerging in layering, while sheer white on sheer white ups the impact even more to bring lightness and a sense of freshness to any interior. Relatively cheap window blinds definitely achieve the luxe look through this treatment; sheer white roman blinds with gossamer light sheer drapes layered over them will welcome buckets of natural light, not to mention a unique sense of style,into your home. While you many need to invest a little more in keeping this look clean, we think you’ll agree it’s worth it.

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