Double duty: the benefits of dual rollers

If you’re in the market for cheap blinds (and by cheap, it goes without saying that we don’t mean poor quality!) it’s likely you’re looking to get as much from your blinds that you can.

Cue the very clever and innovative concept of the dual roller blind.

Also sometimes referred to as double roller blinds or double view blinds, dual roller blinds have the great advantage of doing two jobs for the price of one! Typically dual rollers entail one blind in a sunscreen or translucent fabric, hung together with another in a blockout fabric.They are the ultimate double blinds for bringing privacy and extra insulation to your home. Given the solar glare that is a hazard unique to the Australian market, particularly in the summer months, dual rollers’ ability to protect occupants and interior furnishings and accessories is undoubtedly a bonus. In winter, they also provide a very useful extra insulating layer.

In short, the dual roller is a highly functional product that also provides a clean, stylish look. They are not always the first window covering that homeowners consider, but once persuaded of their multiple functionality and clear value for money, they frequently end up considering them a favourite. Those clients who have installed these nifty window coverings in their homes often report that the mix of a sheer translucent fabric and a blockout in the same colour has a pleasing visual effect; but many also like to combine two co-ordinating colours cherry-picked from their interior décor palette. Double view blinds can be installed neatly into window recesses or onto the face of windows and are typically chain operated.

Dual roller blinds

And while you may be tempted to think ‘two’s company, but three’s a crowd’, don’t be surprised to learn that dual roller blinds are so neat and unobtrusive that they can also be successfully combined with curtains of all descriptions, from sheers to linens to heavier silken fabrics. Far from creating ‘overkill’, the curtains can have a wonderfully softening effect on the whole window treatment, making double rollers adaptable to ‘softer’ zones of the home such as bedrooms and lounges.

To sum up, dual roller blinds, allow you to switch between blockout blinds for total privacy and darkness, to transparent sunscreens for letting in daylight into your interior, while also enjoying outside views. They are a good way to optimise light levels in any room of the house, and with so many sunscreen and blockout fabrics to choose from, as well as a wide range of colours, double rollers are a great variety of cheap blinds that will optimise the functionality and style of your home.

To care for your dual roller blinds, vacuum them with a brush attachment or wash with a clean damp cloth and mild detergent. Most fabrics used for this style of blind are sanitised and mould resistant while many are fire retardant. This makes dual roller blinds an ideal choice for wet or ‘hot’ areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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