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In an analysis of the market for blinds Adelaide is on the up

With the SA summer now in full swing, the market for blinds in Adelaide is running hot at the moment. Indoor window coverings – from roller blinds to roller shades or panel blinds – are achieving strong uptake in the South Australian capital as solar shading devices.

Anecdotal evidence from the retail sector confirms business is up from last year. This is partly a seasonal development, according to one retailer, with many households experiencing a pre-Christmas renovation ‘frenzy’ in the lead-up to Christmas. However it’s also due to the growth of new developments in Adelaide. “We’re working a lot with projects to fit out houses and apartments to buy off the plan,” says another. Another factor still is the influence of TV shows such as ‘The Block’ and the growing number of home décor resources on the internet.

Dual roller blinds that offer visibility, privacy and blockout are especially popular among younger shoppers, says one retailer.

“Of course in Adelaide we have a broad spectrum of housing styles. A lot of clients living in say North Adelaide would be owners of old Victorian houses and they’d definitely go more for classic styles but we also get a lot of interest for roman blinds and more ‘timeless items’ that can work in a modern setting.”

In terms of the colour palettes being adopted, overall customers for blinds in Adelaide continue to opt for more neutral, conservative hues.

“It is nice when someone is a bit more out there though! Recently we had a really vibrant, bold fabric from a leading high end fabric supplier that did surprisingly well.”

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Window treatment professionals working in the Adelaide market will advise customers according to their individual needs to recommend the best choice for their interior. They may also consult with an Adelaide based interior designer to find the best choice of blind for clients’ individual style.

“If you want blinds that take up as little space as possible, it’s worth looking at roman blinds and roller blinds. If your window fittings are tall, it might be worth considering vertical blinds.”

For suppliers of blinds Adelaide has a well-developed market, offering expert advice on the pros and cons of certain fabrics and blind styles. They can also help homeowners determine whether packaged window coverings are the best choice for their interiors, or whether custom made solutions would work better.

“We’re finding that customers tend to already be pretty well informed about the choices available to them. So product expertise and an understanding of the latest releases and trends are very important. We find customers increasingly asking us quite detailed questions about solar shading, visibility and temperature insulation elements of the products they’re buying. They’re also often interested in quite ‘new’ considerations such as acoustic performance. And of course, child safety is an important consideration when it comes to windows blinds in Adelaide, especially those with dangling cords.”

“In the Adelaide market consumers are definitely prepared to invest seriously in their blinds and other window treatments. Often times we’ll receive an approach from a client who has hired a professional interior decorator to work with them, but even if they haven’t, they’ve generally used the internet and other resources to really scope out what works for them.”

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