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If you’re in the market to buy blinds online you may well be looking for a number of products to fit out the various zones in your house. These might include venetian blinds, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds, panel blinds or a range of other options.

Venetian blinds are usually made from timber, PVC or aluminium and feature tilted slats that filter the light. They are great for wet areas such as bathrooms or more functional zones such as kitchens and offices. A real classic, roman blinds feature generous textile horizontal pleats that fold onto each other when the blind is raised. Pleated blinds have folded translucent fabric with a concertina or honeycomb construction. Traditionally used in offices or more functional settings, panel blinds have undergone something of a renaissance in recent years with the introduction of fabrics that include prints and higher quality textiles.

For some types of blind, motorisation is an increasingly popular choice as it can prolong the life of your blinds by removing the need to handle them excessively. It is also an elegant, easy and convenient way of controlling the amount of light and heat entering your home. Another advantage is that motorised blinds operate without the need for chains, ensuring the safety of children as the absence of a chain removes any choking hazard.

If you’re planning to buy blinds online it’s worth scoping out the motorisation options that might suit your financial and practical requirements.

Most online blind suppliers will offer two options to motorise your blinds; a wired motor or a wire free motor. The former involves a more powerful motor suitable for larger blinds or areas in which two or more blinds are linked together. With a built in radio receiver, it operates via a remote control. Another key point about to bear in mind about a wired motor is that it will require a licenced electrician to install.


Meanwhile a wire free motor doesn’t require installation by an electrician and is also good for operating blinds up to two by two metres in dimension. This kind of motor also has a built in radio receiver and operates via remote control.

Motorised roller blinds generally come with the motor already installed inside the roller blind tube. You can also set the remote control limits for stopping your blind at pre-programmed positions. And of course, other types of blind can also be motorised. Blinds such as venetians blinds, roman blinds, or pleated/honeycomb or panel blinds work well with motorisation. The kind of blind you choose depends largely on the function you’d like it to perform within your home.

Whether you decide to choose motorised options or not, one of the best reasons to do so is their growing affordability. As market uptake of motorised products grows, the cost of purchasing and installing them continues to drop, meaning they are now more and more price accessible, even to those on a budget.

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