What to consider when buying low cost blinds

Windows are a key focal point for any home, and with blinds performing both a decorative and functional role, it’s no surprise that choosing a window treatment is often regarded as a priority for homeowners.

With the number of options available on the market, including roman blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds or panel blinds, selecting the right blind or any other kind of window treatment can be a daunting task, prompting questions not just about what kind of product you should purchase, but where you should buy it: should you try a blind store, a local home wares or DIY centre, or shop for cheap blinds online?

Low cost blinds

In terms of what product to choose, there are a few pointers worth considering:

Light and privacy – how much of each do you want? This may well depend on each room and its orientation. For example a bedroom may require block out fabric to minimise the amount of light that comes in, while a south facing street side living room may require sheer or mesh fabric that allows light in while also enhancing privacy. Consider the look you’re going for too; do you want a room that’s bright and airy and full of natural light or more snug and cosy. These factors will have a bearing on the styles and fabrics you choose.
Budget – are you fitting out just one room or the whole house? It may be worthwhile spending more on “high impact” windows such as those in a lounge or master bedroom and cutting back on others. Window treatments are priced by size, so the larger they are the bigger the price tag. Custom sizes and high design fabrics also add to the cost.
Safety – this is an important consideration that’s often overlooked.If you have small children in your household it’s key to invest in cordless blinds and shades as corded versions can be hazardous.
As for where to shop for your blinds, there are a few options:

Blind stores

Specialty blind stores will sell blinds and blinds alone, meaning their product knowledge and the service they offer should be second-to-none. The key advantage of buying here is that you should get great service. If you want something tailor made to fit a particular size window or an unusual shape, this is your best bet.

Homewares stores or DIY centres

If you’re working to a budget, many of Australia’s leading big box homewares or DIY stores should be able to cater to your needs. Bear in mind that you will probably be limited to ready made products and therefore restricted in terms of the fabrics and dimension available. You will also have to install the item yourself.

Online stores

Increasingly, businesses are taking advantage of the internet to keep their overheads low and supply low cost blinds online – many of these suppliers will sell both custom made and ready made blinds and despite the low price tag can often be impressive in terms of quality and service.

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