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How to purchase your blinds online

Once upon a time, in the ‘olden days’ before the world wide web, investing in new window coverings used to entail a trip to a show room or a visit from a sales representative followed by an in depth process of measuring and quoting to secure the final product.

Thanks to the internet, the ability to buy blinds online has changed all that forever.

It’s now possible to buy a comprehensive range of window covering products including blinds, holland blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds or panel blinds on the net. Simply by touching a button or clicking a mouse, any number of blinds or blind-related products can be purchased before being delivered directly to your home. And because online businesses have few overheads, their products are often very competitively priced; a win win!

But if the apparent ease of online purchasing seems too good to be true, be warned; sometimes it is! In a sphere where you can’t touch and see the product first-hand, it pays to proceed with caution to avoid falling into the trap of dealing with less reputable operators.

In order to get the best out of purchasing blinds online it’s worth bearing a few tips in mind.

First, do your homework. Aside from the benefits of purchasing online, the other advantage of the internet is its ability to provide endless avenues for inspiration and research. Sites such as Pinterest, along with many of the home décor and interior design sites, showcase a wide array of window coverings including blinds in inspirational settings that will get your design antennae in tune. While these sites may not provide information on the functional aspects of the different types of blinds, they will certainly offer equally important style inspiration.

blinds online

Once you’ve refined your search to the looks you like, it’s time to narrow it further to gain an understanding of how your different blinds will function. Many online retailers will be able to provide advice on the best products to use for different applications or areas of your home, either through an online enquiry system, phone advice line or from the website itself.

If you’re thinking of buying blinds online, look for companies with a proven track record. A reputable company will employ or utilise the skills of experienced designers and blind makers. You also need to ensure that products you order online have a quality and size guarantee. And it’s worth gaining a clear understanding of the company’s returns policy, should you receive blinds that don’t match your expectations, be it in terms of correct measurement, colour palette and quality.

Most companies will be able to advise you on how to correctly measure your window coverings so that the blinds fit properly, and in general how to get the best out of your window coverings.
Many also deliver all over Australia, generally free of charge – although there may be surcharges to far-flung locations.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be well placed to secure the best blinds for your project, and all without leaving your home!