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Blinds in adelaide

Blinds in Adelaide: what’s hot and what’s not?

If you’re looking for specimens of the most functional and cutting edge blinds Adelaide undoubtedly has many examples; the SA capital is home to every imaginable property style from quaint heritage homes to contemporary apartments, with a huge spectrum of windows and their associated window coverings, to match.

“As summer approaches, the heat is really rising in the city’s window coverings market,” noted one commentator. “And blinds seem to be the product of choice.”

This demand is being driven by a number of factors; earlier this year Adelaide was ranked number five among the world’s most liveable cities by the annual Liveability Ranking from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Not surprisingly the city is undergoing something of a property boom in some quarters, with the associated rise in home renovations and new fit outs clearly noted by market observers. One of the outcomes of this state of affairs is renewed interest in home furnishings, among them, window treatments and blinds in particular.

Given the extremes of summer sun for which the ‘city of churches’ is known, one of the most prominent reasons for blinds’ growing popularity in Adelaide is that they offer unique light control and/or energy saving benefits. For example, roller blinds, when constructed using an appropriate fabric, have a highly effective blockout function. In fact when it comes to roller blinds Adelaide is a growing market. Whether single or dual, roller blinds enable homeowners to control the amount of light entering their interiors, reducing demand for expensive cooling measures such as air conditioning during the summer months.

Roller blinds in adelaide

According to one market expert, “roller blinds are a strong seller in Adelaide not just because they’re cost effective, practical and stylish, but because of their energy efficiency properties.”

“Adelaide consumers are also very self-educated about the fabric used in their blinds in terms of energy efficiency, with many opting for block out fabrics, making these one of the most popular blind fabrics in the Adelaide market. Sunscreen fabrics are also being favoured in South Australia as they help control heat and light while also optimising outside views. Meanwhile translucent fabrics, which provide daytime privacy while diffusing the light entering the room, are also in demand, particularly in vertical blinds and roller blinds, while sheer fabrics are another option, although many Adelaide home owners opt for some form of blockout addition to their sheers in order to reduce excesses of heat and light.”

Adelaide homeowners are also well informed about the range of standards that fabrics should ideally meet. Most good quality blind fabrics are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate and usually come with a warranty, fire retardant and non-flammable properties; dust resistance, stain resistance, UV and fade resistance, bacteria and mould resistance.

Observers of the Adelaide market are also reporting growing uptake of motorisation. As mentioned in previous posts, blind motorisation offers numerous benefits:-

  • Cost-effectiveness: Growing demand for motorised blinds has meant falling prices, resulting in a self-perpetuating situation that has seen high quality motorisation options steadily dropping in price in recent years.
  • Convenience: With the touch of a button you can move your blind to any position. Sensors and timers mean your products can be operated remotely, even when you’re not at home. Most current motors are fully concealed inside the tube of the blind and operate virtually noiselessly. Also, unlike manual operation, which can damage blinds through excessive pulling and improper operation, the controlled operation of blinds ensures good function and better durability.
  • Safety: This is an important issue, especially where young kids are involved, as loose cords and chains on venetian blinds, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds or panel blinds present a strangulation risk. Automated or motorised blinds generally don’t require cords, providing a much safer environment.

Other strong sellers in the Adelaide market include venetian blinds and vertical blinds.

“Venetian blinds are a classic that works well in both modern and older homes,” says one observer. “Many homeowners are looking at timber or timber look venetians to add warmth and a classic touch to their home, as well as ease of use in terms of controlling the light entering their interiors and optimising the views to the outside. Timber look venetians are a great alternative to real timber versions, offering the visual appeal of wooden blades but entailing a much smaller outlay. They also avoid a number of the issues around warping and bowing that can occur with real timber; and of course they are a very practical option for wet areas.”

verticals blinds in adelaide

“When it comes to vertical blinds Adelaide has been witnessing something of a revival of this kind of product in recent times. Vertical blinds used to be seen as a rather dull form of window treatment that was used in practical applications such as offices and public amenities. However new releases in contemporary colours have brought new visual interest and an element of fashion and design to these products. Visually appealing and offering a simple, pared back look, vertical blinds work well in homes and offices because they help maintain room temperature and control light levels inside the property. They’re a cost effective option that’s sought after particularly by first home buyers such as young couples and families. Once again they offer some of the key benefits of venetian blinds such as ease of use and light and privacy control.”

Another advantage offered by vertical blinds is that they co-ordinate well with roller blinds, with many suppliers offering ranges that allow homeowners to have both roller and vertical blinds in the same fabric on different windows.

Whichever style of blind, or combination of styles is being purchased, it’s clear that demand for blinds in Adelaide is flourishing. That demand is undoubtedly being driven by the above factors, not least Adelaide’s dynamic real estate market. Rising energy bills across Australia, along with a national obsession with renovation and home décor inspired by so many of our TV shows, are adding heat to the market, meaning blinds are increasingly in demand from practical, style conscious and energy efficient property owners!