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5 Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home Security

5 Affordable Ways to Increase Your Home Security

There are many things you can do to increase your home’s security.  Some methods may be more expensive and involve high-tech methods but there are some affordable methods that work well at increasing security also.  Below, we have provided you with 5 affordable ways that you can increase the security around your home.  Utilizing these methods can deter thieves and provide you with more peace of mind as well.

1. Put Window Blinds in Your Windows – You may be wondering how beneficial window blinds can be since they can’t keep a thief out, but they are a very good method for deterring thieves because they take away the thief’s visibility. When you have good quality blinds on your windows no one will be able to see inside.  This becomes even more important around Christmas time when thieves are looking for gift filled homes to target.  Preventing them from being able to see inside by using blinds can be a good deterrent to encourage them to skip your home.  Make sure the blinds are good quality and don’t forget to keep them closed at night and whenever you are gone, even if it is during the day. These are the most common times for a thief to be checking things out so if they can’t tell what’s on the other side of the blinds, they could possibly decide it’s just too risky. Thieves want the quickest way in and out of a home and not knowing what they are crawling into can be too uncertain for most.

2. Security Signs in the Yard – It may sound like a gimmick but placing security signs in your yard where they can be seen easily can be a huge deterrent to thieves especially if it is a security sign that is known for being connected automatically to the police.  Some people use these signs even if they don’t have a home security system.  It is important to note that while the signs may deter thieves, there is no actual protection that these signs provide unless you have the actual security system.  You can use the signs along with the other suggestions we have listed for added security, but don’t rely on the signs alone.

3. Window Sensors with Alarms – There are window sensors that you can purchase at any home improvement store that will sound a piercing alarm if the window is opened or the glass is broken.  If the thief tries to get in a window and when it is opened, even a little, or the glass is broken, a piercing, LOUD alarm sounds, chances are they will run. The last thing a thief wants it to draw attention to themselves.  These window sensors and alarms should be placed on all windows, especially the first floor. Look for the window sensors/alarms that are super loud.  It may be a little unnerving if you forget and open the window one day, but something that is not loud at all isn’t going to deter anyone. You want something so loud that it can be heard easily outside and throughout the house so they will want to run.

4. Mind Your Mail and Newspapers – If you are going to be away for a few days it is very important that you make arrangements for your mail to be held as well as your newspaper. Thieves look for mail piled up on a number of papers in the driveway which indicate that the home owner is out of town.

5. Don’t Advertise on Social Media – It is never a good idea to post on social media that you are leaving, going on vacation or will otherwise be leaving your home unattended.  There are thieves that will look for people doing this so they can target your home while you are gone.  As hard as it may be, save the social media posts for when you are back home.