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Low cost blinds – the Melbourne perspective

Who doesn’t love a bargain? And when a product such as a blind is on offer at a lower than expected cost, it’s not surprising that buyers are tempted, particularly as a blind, and a cheap blind at that, is often perceived as one of those necessity purchases, like car tyres, that is a must rather than a pleasure.

Blinds are one of those staple classics of the window furnishings world that never seem to have gone out of style, and now thanks to a number of clever innovations to the blind systems and fabrics available, they’re able to offer functional as well as aesthetic benefits. Home owners increasingly use blinds to enhance their privacy, enable views to the outside and of course enhance their energy efficiency.

cheap blinds

The changeable nature of the Melbourne climate – ever heard the expression ‘Four seasons in one day’? – means blinds are in high demand among the city’s home owners, builders architects and interior designers. Whether they be venetian blinds, roller blinds, honeycomb blinds, panel blinds, holland blinds or roman blinds, they can be equally used to reduce heat and glare or to keep a home insulated from cold, and in Melbourne’s fickle weather patterns, this can be of enormous benefit.

You may be renovating your home or buying a new one and even if you’re prepared to splurge in order to get the look and finish you want, it may well be worth using cheap blinds along with more expensive elements in order to reduce your overall costs; a low cost roller blind underneath some great statement drapes in your living room for example.

For first time home owners, investors or even primary home owners who want to keep a tight rein on their budgets, the lure of cheap blinds is increasingly strong. Thanks to the internet, the overheads once carried by suppliers are now next to nothing, while inexpensive imports from Asia or other manufacturing markets means that the ability to buy cheap blinds is now greater than ever.

There are a number of operators in the Melbourne market, either online businesses or bricks and mortar retailers, offering cheap blinds. However before you succumb to temptation, remember to ensure that you take a close look at what’s being offered and if possible scrutinise the small print before you buy. Any Melbourne cheap blind supplier you deal with should be able to offer some kind of quality guarantee; at the very least a credible returns policy. If possible, go for a supplier that can provide testimonials from its customers to vouch for the quality of the products on offer and ease of installation across its product range, including clear and easy-to-follow instructions.

Remember, cheap or low cost does not always mean poor quality, but the key is to shop around. If you’re savvy about where you purchase your cheap blinds you could well save yourself some dollars that can be put towards high light items such as a great feature rug or an art work.