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blinds Melbourne

When it comes to blinds Melbourne holds its own as style capital

A quick survey of the kind of blinds Melbourne retailers are reporting as strong sellers, has confirmed that the category remains strong in the city of style. Whether used in block out fabrics in conjunction with sheer curtains or in more traditional applications, blinds are a staple for many homeowners in the Victorian capital.

One retailer in Melbourne says that, aside from plantation shutters, sunscreens, blockout rollers and roman blinds are his quickest movers. And with a lot of big stacker doors going into new homes, panel blinds are also making a comeback. This resurgence has also been driven by the introduction of new mechanisms in panel blinds, in which a ‘fixed’ panel can be manoeuvred for easy access to the window, making cleaning a breeze, while improved new brackets make for easier installation.

Another commentator says natural looking window coverings continue to achieve strong sales in Melbourne. In particular this style of fabric lends itself well to roman blinds. Sleeker new systems for roman blinds are also strong sellers in Melbourne. They often feature a contemporary slimline aluminium profile, end covers for a neat overall finish and a slim spool that utilises a thin cord for improved appearance of sheer romans. Updated features for roman blinds also include low profile mounting clips; push and release spring loaded mounting clip options and installation with a slim spool featuring integrated clamps for quick assembly into the head rail, as well as an easy method for cord replacement, if required.

When it comes to the exciting part, fabrics, for those in search of products catering to a wide spectrum of tastes in blinds Melbourne offers the broadest choice.

blinds Melbourne

One commentator notes that translucent fabrics remain popular and are often presented in a subdued and neutral colour palette in different textures and opacity. “Many of the new translucent fabric ranges have added benefits including the fact that they’re treated with coating, which effectively reduces the development of bacteria, odour and mildew or repels stain causing agents with its proven, water based, preventative formula.”

“Despite the strong interest in neutrals, homeowners in the Melbourne market are perhaps the most likely to adopt a slightly more daring approach to colour. We’ve seen interest in bolder geometric prints or lush botanicals achieve a strong uptake in the local market. People in Melbourne don’t mind taking a bit of a risk and going the extra mile to make that statement.”

Meanwhile as a classic form of window covering with a broad array of applications, the humble venetian blind continues to hold its own in the Melbourne market. In particular timber venetians are sought after for their authenticity and warmth.

One specialist notes that while this style of blind may have been around for a long time and been superseded in some areas by more directional products, its simple, cost-effective yet visually appealing qualities are still prized in some quarters.

“They are still one of our strongest sellers. Where simple functionality and style are required, it’s hard to beat a venetian blind.”

“Venetian blinds in Melbourne do particularly well as they’re cost-effective and low maintenance but also stylish.”